Day 12 of Project 365

More cute kids! Wearing handknit hats!!


Speaking of which, I had an interesting conversation with Ang. this morning.

[11:08:50 AM] CassKnits: and having knit on xxxxs hat and xxxxxs hat, I shall now blog
[11:09:32 AM] CassKnits: and I want to get the body of that shawl finished today
[11:11:09 AM] Angie Mecklenburg: and i love that you are knitting again.
[11:11:33 AM] CassKnits: me too!
[11:11:37 AM] CassKnits: love love love it
[11:11:46 AM] CassKnits: it is…normalcy for me
[11:12:09 AM] CassKnits: funny
[11:12:22 AM] CassKnits: CassKnits now guages her mental health by the amount of knitting she does
[11:12:35 AM] CassKnits: mental?
[11:12:42 AM] CassKnits: maybe emotional is more accurate
[11:13:02 AM] Angie Mecklenburg: yeah, more emotional i think.
[11:13:20 AM] CassKnits: loving is knitting for me
[11:13:37 AM] Angie Mecklenburg: i know it is.
[11:13:51 AM] CassKnits: is that weird?
[11:13:56 AM] CassKnits: it is, isn’t it?

Weird or not, that’s how it is. I guess I can also admit that I use it like a sleeping pill as well. Late it night, plain stockinette in the round with the lights down low. I don’t know what happened to get me knitting again. I just know that I wasn’t and now I am. Perhaps it is just that …. I am now healed enough to reach out to other people. That’s a good thing, right? Yes, I am pretty sure it is.

Okay, I am going to confess that the picture for the 13th also concerns yarn, and I will try to take pictures of other stuff for awhile then. Maybe today, I will take a shot of the toilet, since we are all sick and making regular visits thereto. No? Trust me, I don’t want to shoot it anymore than you want to see it, LOL! Maybe I can come up with something else instead!