Day 13 of Project 365

This is DaBaby’s hat in progress and the yarn she has chosen for the top of it. Ok, yeah. You are right, too much yarn for a non-craft blog. Perhaps I need to consolidate all the blogs. Whaddya think? Or at least find something else to take pictures of for this one. Kind of like drug rehab for the yarn addict.


The thing is, I pretty much go to work and come home. Nothing really interesting is going on right now. Perhaps I just need to retrain myself to see the special in the ordinary. For a gal who spent two or three years taking a picture every day, I seem to have lost my camera vision. Okay, well that’s one of the purposes of the 365, right? And I just had an idea for today’s shot, but I can’t take it until tonight, so you will have to come back tomorrow to see it.

One thought on “Day 13 of Project 365

  1. Hay I read you text, interesting pictures but you have more intersting template of your blog I really like it. I watch of 1000 blogs 😛 and this is first that i said Vao

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