Day 16 of Project 365

The Trooper Succumbs


We have had some sickness lately here at Chez Musings, and I don’t mean silly stuff that allergy relief could fix. I mean pukin’ poopin’ ohmywordIamgonnadie, pleasecanitbenow sick. And this gal of mine right here, she has been a real trooper. She wasn’t sick, see, so she tended those who were. Late night get-the-puke-off-me baths, hold-my-whiny-sick-feverish-butt, she pitched in and sailed on, even as I got sick and took to my own bed. And finally, when we were all well, down she went. This is her on the 16th, laying on the floor of my room to get away from the light and noise of the rest of the house. She eventually climbed up into my bed, and she told me it smelled good. I joked with her that it smelled like xyz, and she said “No, it doesn’t, it smells like you.” And then I cried a little, but I did not let her see. This is Diva–petty, proud, defiant, entitled Diva. This is Diva the Trooper, who at 14 is still comforted by the smell of her mother. This is Diva, and I love her.