Day 24 of Project 365

So, the 24th was a Sunday. And instead of a SPS, I once again chose to depict the major activity of the day. I stayed home from church to make a little hell of my own.


Back in December, I got a wee visit from code enforcement. Now, I have a fair idea who called them, because the lady seemed to know, or at least think she knew, some pretty intimate details of my life. Stuff that only someone close to me or stalking me would know. Her letter was waiting for me when I got home from work on Saturday. Good thing I had taken all those antacids, huh? I need to clean up the yard and I need to do a few repairs to the house that were already on my agenda, so there were really no surprises.

Except that I had thought That One would be bringing a trailer to haul off most of the trash, as we had previously discussed, and he recommended burning it instead. GULP. I had never done a trash burn before, or a burn of any kind for that manner, but he assured me that I could do it, and so I said I would. And I did. If you are my friend on facebook, you may remember this set of status updates:

# Big party at my house today, complete with bonfire. Ya’ll come on. Bring marshmallows and weinies. 9:38 AM Jan 24th

# Arson is more difficult than you’d think. 11:05 AM Jan 24th

# Thank you grapevine wreath from 10 Christmases ago! We now have flames! 12:12 AM Jan 24th

# Remembering the last time I sat around a fire at night. It was at Boy Scout camp, and it was most pleasant. 5:46 PM Jan 24th from txt

I tell you, I was scared to try it, but I did and I am glad. There is just one word for learning to do stuff like this and it is “empowerment”. I dread the stretching, but I love knowing I can do new things.