Day 27 of Project 365

It occurs to me that doing the math to keep up with my titles is going to be a little more difficult here shortly. Lord help me. I think I can, I think I can. January 27th was my sister’s birthday. Not that I saw her, just noting it for the record. We don’t see each other very often. She’s busy and so am I, but in recent years we have come to enjoy one another instead of merely tolerate each other, and I like that. She’s a fun gal, my sis.


The 27th was letter day for me. I mailed one that took quite a bit of intestinal fortitude: it was an edit of this post. I wrote another of the same caliber that I mailed the next day, and it contained most of the story here, plus some other things. A week later, I am still glad I did both of those things.

Interestingly, I have already had a conversation this morning in which I referenced my purpose this year to be a lifegiver with my words. I didn’t think that I would be breathing life into my own self with that, but I’m finding that by sharing with others things that will comfort them, I am doing good things for me, too. Kinda like using commercial fitness equipment leaves you sore for a bit and then you are amazed at those new flat abs.

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  1. 😉 I like your site very much for its content. Its always exciting to do things like that cause every single moment is precious in our life so its better to capture it. Kudos to you. 😆

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