Day 41 of Project 365 Feb 10 Knitting and Waiting

On this day, I got another fly-by from That One. It wasn’t a purely social call, since he did have a bit of business to do in the city. I drove into town and we took my car to do the errands, since it’s much easier to maneuver than his….uh….insert brand of big truck he drives, because I can’t remember, but I think he said Freightliner???????


I took this picture while I was waiting for him to finish up his appointment. I looked down and the elements I saw pleased me, so I recorded them.

I also learned a couple of lessons on this day. 1) If a trucker says he needs to do laundry, get it from him the first time you see him on any given visit. After that, things will rapidly spiral out of control and the man will leave with his dirty clothes still dirty. That’s gotta be a real testosterone booster, because what could possibly smell manlier than a couple weeks of dirty laundry in a semi, hmm?

And 2). Well, never you mind about 2. Suffice it to say that I won’t be making that mistake again, either.