Day 54 of Project 365 Feb 23 Truth is Black and White


When I ordered the first set of prints from the one my friend took at the military ball, this black and white shot was included in the package. I hadn’t ordered it, it was just there. But, oh, I like it. I framed it right away. The thing about a black and white picture is that you see things you miss in a color picture. The faces and the eyes, devoid of color, tell their own story. This one answered a question for me that I had been asking for months.

Also, it answered the secondary question of why people kept asking me if this (in color) was a wedding picture. I had thought it was the color of my dress, but now I think the fact that we both have that “cat that ate the canary” expression on our faces may have something to do with it. Just for comparison, here is the color shot:

101 1043