Day 60 of Project 365 March 1 Pack Meeting


This is a shot of the Boy Scout Pack Meeting on the first. We discussed camp and awards were given out. Now, the boys, they like awards, but camp, they love. In truth, so do I, though I pretend not to. It doesn’t do for Barbie to admit she likes to play in the dirt. It’s one of those fun muscle builders with no side effects that also instills a little intestinal fortitude. If you don’t believe me, you try shimmying into pajamas in a tent that’s 4 feet tall when it’s 40ish degrees. And sleeping alone. Although I do refuse to sleep on the ground, and take an air mattress with me. It’s worth the extra weight, because … well, because I have arthritis that doesn’t mix well with the cold ground and I prefer to wake up being able to walk.

The older boys are all excited about moving to “big boy camp” where the will be rock climbing and a huge lake and fishing and and and. Me? I’ll still be over with Batman and the cubs, and I will have to hear about the grand adventures around the camp fire at night.

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