SPS March 7, 2010 taken March 6, Day 65 of Project 365

Hey, only 300 more days to go!!


I took this shot as I was forcing myself to clean the house a bit before I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife. As you probably know, I consider this to be possibly the best book ever. I was surprised by the fact that I liked the movie, because I usually don’t if I liked the book. For a two hour movie, they followed the book fairly closely. I smiled and cried in the same places, so….yeah, they did a good job. You may watch it without fear if you’ve been holding out.

Oh, I added “glow” with Picasa to this picture, which mostly effected the already bright sunlight behind me. I like this one, because it looks like I finally feel: at home in my own skin. I’m past the age of prenatal vitamins, not yet ready for geritol, and pretty darned pleased with life.

So what have you up to this week?

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