Up Too Late -March 4th


Seems that lately, That One has had a lot of longer hauls, and for him that means a lot of late night driving. Well, late for me, since I need to be up by 6am. We try to strike a compromise with his schedule and mine with more or less success. On the 4th, he was talky, and so I stayed up way late. In fact, if you mouse over the picture, you can see it was actually made on the 5th. At about 12:18am, to be exact. Not that I checked or anything.

It’s funny, in a sad way. Those talky conversations are punctuated with lots of “are you there”s. Apparently, he’s not used to a girl who is content to listen while he talks. That’s fine, I’m not used to a boy who actually talks. It’s sad, isn’t it? What a commentary on how people really treat each other. I like to listen, because I like learning more about my friend. I guess he likes to talk because not many people have listened before, so it works out real well, except for that sleeping part.

P.S. I guess you can tell from the title that I have given up trying to count the days of Project 365. I figured it was time to stop before I went crazy enough to need social security disability for math anxiety. From now on, you get a title and the date. The end.