Better-March 10


I felt better on the 10th, which was a very good thing, because I had to testify in court. I showered and dressed carefully and put on a fine face. Underneath it all, I wore my most uncomfortable underwear, just for the extra edge of aggravated they would give me, LOL. And I also wore, underneath a very business-like suit of clothes, these:


That’s right, pink socks with heels. Because a girl needs all the courage she can find sometimes.

Everything went well, but let me tell you, shaking like a leaf for a couple hours is a very effective natural fat burner. By the time I was done, I was starving. And who rode to the rescue? Guitar Guy, whose first text after I let him know I was done read “Lunch?”. And the next one read “Mexican?”. Oh yeah, buddy, I was so there!

oooh, two pictures for one day. Don’t be getting used to that!

2 thoughts on “Better-March 10

  1. Me, too! I always wear little girl pink somewhere when I am nervous, and usually bright pink if I am not.

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