New Socks-March 8


Sometimes, a girl just needs a little pick-me-up. For me, that occasionally means socks. I love cute socks. I have a huge drawer full of socks, and yet, I still look at socks in the store. Now, I could say it’s because I have to pass them on the way to the bathroom, but the truth is, I looked at socks before I started working. I mean, come on, new stuff for my feet! Way cheaper than shoes, but still a little bit of a shoe thrill. And you get multiple pairs for one low price. I love socks! And since, I’m not spending money on eczema treatments, I buy them.

It’s the pink that got me with this set. And the little flowers. Of course, one of my little pink flower socks has apparently adhered itself to something else in the washer or dryer, because it’s gone missing. Yep, after one wearing. Why don’t I ever lose plain white socks that way? Nope, always the cute ones or the handknit ones. But I never throw my one socks away, because eventually they turn up. Unlike the kids’ socks. I think they eat theirs.