Sick-March 9


On the 9th, I spent a good part of the morning in the bathroom. I’m pretty sure I left a portion of my intestines in there. A little colon cleansing diet if you will, only unintended. This is what I look like sick, with no makeup. It was going to be my self portrait of the week, which I didn’t get to for reasons that will become clear later. A life story has to be told in order, you know.

The downside to being sick on my day off is that I didn’t get jack squat accomplished. I am still behind from that over a week later. How does that happen that losing one day messes me up for a month? Of course, thinking back, I actually lost three days that week. The Tuesday I am talking about, Wednesday, and also Saturday. Sunday was pretty much a wash as well. Ok, that makes better sense. I am behind because I lost four days, not one. I’ll try to remember that as I look around the disaster in the living room and get ready to fuss at myself.