IMG00001 20100320 2020

So, on Saturday the 20th, That One and I sat here side by side and played with our new phones. “Hey, you can xyz!” “Ooooh, lookit!” “Listen to this ringtone!” Yeah, we were pretty geeky, but it was a lot of fun. And then on Sunday, we played with them some more and we took a humongous nap, because one of Diva’s friends called here at 2:30 in the frickenfracken morning and woke me up. Normally, I can handle a call like that and never even fully wake up, but this is not the case when I sleep in the living room. First, I have to figure out where I am, and then I have to remember where the phone is. By the time I do all that, I am U-P up. So I played on the internet a bit and then I finally knit myself back to sleep around 4. It was totally a nap day.

But did I mention we got both of those phones for $50. Suh-weet, huh?