Like Coming Home-March 17


Tuesday found me working in the garden shop again. I absolutely love working in the garden shop. It’s pretty autonomous back there, with not much politics and an opportunity to just get the job done. I put out freight and I water plants and when there are no customers I sing. It’s the one place in the store (aside from the pharmacy, which we control right there in it) where they keep the air conditioning on in the summer, so that’s a real nice perk, too.

I really enjoy learning about the different plants. There’s a great big Ortho book back there, over 1200 pages with information on different flowers, shrubs and trees as well as the pest and diseases that weaken or kill them. When I am not actually working, I get to study.

2 thoughts on “Like Coming Home-March 17

  1. On the one hand, I’m glad to hear that the no air conditioning thing isn’t just my local store. On the other hand, I’m going WHY? I would spend far more of my money in their store if I could stand to be in there longer than 10 minutes without feeling like I’m suffocating.

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