Dear Kim

You are the winner of the Yoplait gift set. Please send your mailing info to cass @ so I can send it on to BlogSpark. They will be mailing your prize.

As for the rest of you, hi. (insert wave) It has been a month to you, but it has been a journey for me. Details may or may not be forthcoming, as I attempt to catch up a little bit. Or not catch up so much, but just jump back in. Haven’t quite decided yet. I do know I have a bunch of pictures to post, and I don’t plan on 30 entries today to take care of them. That would be more like “curl up in front of the Amish fireplace with a big fat book” type of blogging, and I am thinking to do more like….. ummm….soundbite blogging. I’ll probably post a few pics each in several posts and call it good. When I get to a good story, I’ll tell it, but even the most intensely emotional times are full of mundane moments, and since that’s mostly what I took pictures of, that’ll be mostly what you get. In the words of the little dinosaur, “I’m the blogger, gotta love me!”