March 28-31 Various Pictures

Ok, here we go, assuming I can find all the pictures. Of course, with a month of photos to post, perhaps a lost one or two wouldn’t be a disaster. Not like running out of diet pills with ephedra, yk?

Speaking of technology that doesn’t work, this post has come to a screeching halt while I wait for the blackberry to reset itself after working on DriveCarefully. Well, if deleting with intent to re-install counts as “working on it”. Tap, tap, tap. Guess I’ll make a grilled cheese or something.

Sandwich cooked and eaten and now the blog is down. What the heck???
And now my computer doesn’t see the pics in my phone?
And now, there they are. Apparently you have to wait for the blackberry to go into mass storage mode. I forget that every time. Sigh.

IMG00013 20100328 1943

March 28 This book is called Call Me By Your Name, and I finished it on the 28th. I’d been looking for something to read and Micheal had just brought this home, and said it was a good book, so I decided to give it a try. It is a good book. The first half of the book details a young person’s infatuation with a man named Oliver. They do the dance of liking but not admitting to liking one another, and the accompanying agonies of over-analyzing every conversation and action, looking for clues to Oliver’s state of mind. It isn’t until a third of the way through the book that the narrator, the younger person, is named Elio, and he is a boy.

I’m telling you, as a firm hetero-sexual, every word describing the initial infatuation and eventual love rang so true that I re-read the section revealing Elio’s identity three times, sure I had misunderstood. Nope, two guys. The book is tastefully done, and I enjoyed it. Right up until I cried at the ending.

IMG00015 20100329 1001

March 29 I’ve developed a new habit. I send That One a picture of a flower almost every day that he is out on the road. It started with just one, but he enjoyed it, so I kept it up. I think we’ll manage to figure out exactly how busy and depressed I’ve been this past month as we see how many days there were where I only managed to snap a flower.

IMG00019 20100330 1836

March 30 My oldest son, playing baseball. He really enjoys the game and says he’d rather do “fall ball” instead of football this year. We’ll see.

IMG00020 20100331 1024

March 31 Another flower. Can you see where we’re headed here?

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  1. Hi!! So I just found your blog and have found it very enjoyable. I’m kind of new to the blogsphere and am very inspired with people who share their lives like this. I also wanted to say that I really loved your pictures-especially the rose. (Also, thanks for the book rec!!)

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi. One of the things that’s weird for me is being able to read your thoughts, but you having no idea who I am. My name is Lisa, by the way, and I live at a yoga and meditation center in Thailand, Yoga Thailand . I moved here after I graduated college and enjoy living abroad, but I do miss the states. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again, and it’s nice to “meet you.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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