April 1-April 5 More Various Pictures

So, I did some more things.

IMG00026 20100401 1334

April 1 Looks like I went to Taco Bell for lunch on the 1st. Well, actually, my coworker went, and we ate in the breakroom, but whatever.

IMG00040 20100402 2037

April 2 On the second, I went to the hospital right after work to see Granny, and realized I hadn’t eaten all day. A tasteless chicken sandwich and tasteless strawberry shortcake was dinner. I usually like the shortcake from here, but…….yeah, no. Sigh. Not this night.

IMG00042 20100403 2131

April 3 I went to ACMoore on my lunch to look for yarn for That One’s mom and sister. They want hats. HA! I didn’t find what they wanted, but I scored several balls of each of these for myself at just $1.99 each. Yay me! And I still get to go to another yarn store looking for their stuff. Yay me again.

April 4 No picture. Early morning “you need to come to the hospital” call instead. So I did.

IMG00049 20100405 1052

April 5 Picture I took in the bathroom of work to replace the one I had taken outside that That One declared “too frowny”. You can tell by the white shirt that I was in the pharmacy instead of using my box cutter to open garden shop freight.

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