April 6-April 10 Yet More Various Pictures

Let’s continue to slog through the backlog, shall we? Sometimes going through a month of pictures is depressing, because I feel so far behind, and sometimes, it’s like flipping on the fancy pants Murray Feiss lighting, showing me the patterns I missed as I lived through a certain segment of time.

In truth, I was surprised to find 5 pictures for these five days. I thought for sure I had missed one. But that was next week.

IMG00055 20100406 0923

April 6th I sat in a courtroom all day. I knit the whole time, except for the time I was giving my testimony. I cast on a hat at 9:30, and by 5:30 I was 6 inches in, almost ready for the decreases. My cousin sat beside me, reeling out the yarn as I needed it, so it provided stress relief for both of us. He also demanded a hat. This one was pre-destined for That One, though, so cousin said to make his blue. In spite of the fact that I ran out of yarn, I was delighted to find out just yesterday that the hat will fit the massive head for which it was originally intended.

IMG00059 20100407 0710

April 7th Back in court again, but before we left for the day, I snapped this pic from the porch that was Grandma and Papa’s and now belongs to Aunt Lady. The day did not end as we all wished it had, but the evening was a great time of laughing and sharing and seriousness and laughing. It’s interesting, this family of mine. I didn’t spend a lot of time with them growing up, but we are so alike in so many ways. And my uncle is a totally fun guy, which I never knew until this visit.

IMG00061 20100408 1833

April 8th DaBaby, drinking sprite through two straws at once. We had McDonalds, she and I, the night I got home, for reasons I won’t go into here. It wasn’t pretty.

IMG00062 20100409 1616

April 9th Back to the hospital.

IMG00064 20100410 1831

April 10th I took this picture to share with That One, in lieu of the daily flower. It was in the hospital parking lot, and I thought he would like it.

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