April 16-20 Crazily Enough, More Pictures

Pull up that rustic furniture and sit a spell, why don’t ya? Oh, and grab some coffee, too. For both of us, hahahahaha

April 16 The Clean-up Begins On this day, the clean up began. I had given my kids two weeks notice to clean up their crap, or I was gonna burn it. And for two weeks, they sat around and did nothing to corral their junk. And so, on the 16th, I came home from work and dropping them off with their dad and I began to clean. I began in the small bathroom, and I cleaned both bathrooms that weekend. Here is the first of many shots I took that day, detailing exactly what I found and where I found it, just in case they were interested. Which they weren’t.

IMG00078 20100417 1449

April 17 First Fire This is, as the title suggests, the first of several bonfires in which I burned excess stuff. The house is by no means spotless, because I’m not done yet, but I can at least walk through most of it now. And I told the kids the burnings would continue until the housekeeping improved. They started believing me after the third fire. :mrgreen:

In other news, I continued to cry this day, and for the rest of the time covered in this set of photos. And somewhere around 11 pm this night, I rolled over in my bed, my chest heaved and the little gentle tears I had been crying for a week became sobs. And yet, that was not the end of it.


April 18 Finished Clapotis Yes, I still knit. This one was a gift, but I will be making one for myself. Soon. Like, as soon as I finish up some other stuff. You do realize that in knitting, “soon” is a relative term, right?

IMG00080 20100419 1859

April 19 Spidey and the Man Purse I just love this picture. This is my middle son, who found a discarded bag in the house and packed it with the stuff he wanted to take to the ball game. And he wore that bag with such awesome self confidence that it just made me smile. That’s my boy, and he is his own man.

IMG00082 20100420 1219

April 20 Relay for Life I didn’t end up going to this, but I did snap a pic of the flyer so I could remember the details and share them with That One in case we decided to go.