May 11-15 Really need to some up with snappier titles

Of course, I am hoping to not fall so far behind anymore!! That would be better, don’t you think? Then I could maybe come up with a title to just explain ONE picture. How cool would that be? And I just did the math: this post plus 4 more will get me current. Yay!

IMG00177 20100511 1333

May 11 I was so mad! Ok, here is the part I didn’t tell when I was talking about the camping trip. I ended up working a 10 hour day on the Friday before we left. And on Thursday, I told the kids what had to happen in the house before we could leave for the trip. They had a half day on Friday, so I expected them to pitch in. After I ended up having to stay late at work, I especially expected them to pitch in. And they did absolutely nothing except bring in the camp stuff and watch tv, eating food that made more dishes and wearing clothes that made more laundry. So, after I got home, around 9:30, I spent another three hours cleaning my house, including burning stuff I gathered in the dark. Sometimes, despite the best acne treatments, you just have to bust a zit, and that is what I am doing by getting rid of stuff they refuse to pick up. If the camping trip had been for the kids, I would have called it off right then, but it wasn’t for them. It was for me, because I wanted to hang out with them.

This is the pile of stuff I gathered on a quick walk through of the already cleaned areas on Tuesday morning, when I could actually see since I couldn’t turn on the bedroom lights when I got home Friday night because some of the kids were sleeping. I don’t think I’ve actually had to burn since this day. Maybe they believe me now.

IMG00178 20100512 1022

May 12 Blooming Roses So, when I got to work on the 12th, I found this: a bush with three huge blooms, looking like a small bouquet. I love to stand and just look at my rose bushes at work. The are slowing down now, but during May, it was an eye feast every day. Big blooms, nodding in the breeze. I do love working with the flowers.

IMG00185 20100513 1752

May 13 Really? That’s the best you’ve got? I took a picture of this ad because I hated it so much. The tag attached to the ring says “Virtually eliminates cheating since it’s so beautiful you’ll never want to take it off.” Really? If a pretty ring is the only reason you aren’t cheating on your spouse, you need more help than money can buy. I was disgusted.

IMG00190 20100514 1951

May 14 Puppies!! She had a litter of 5, of which 3 have survived.

IMG00194 20100515 1834

May 15 Lunch with Guitar Guy We finally managed to sit down in the same place at the same time after weeks of too much busyness to see one another. I was great to just hang out and visit.