May 6-10 Time for more pictures

IMG00167 20100506 1918

May 6 Restful I really like this picture. I was sitting on the retaining wall at the ballpark, leaning against the built in post, enjoying the feel of the evening sun, relaxing, thinking of everything and nothing, cat-like in my solitude, surrounded by people. It was just very pleasant, right up until my neck cramped from the angle, rofl! Sometimes when life gets hectic, the thing I miss the most is the quiet pleasure of my own company.

IMG00168 20100507 2020

May 7 Ouch This part of the day was no fun. I was mending hoses at work, using the pruners as a screwdriver to tighten the clamps, when they slipped and gouged a hole in my thumb. I was not impressed.

May 8 CAMP!! No picture, because I am lame. We woke up early and hit the road for Jones Lake State Park. It was a quickie trip, but really fun. No ab workouts, but plenty of laughing and time in the water.

IMG00169 20100509 1205

May 9 Breakfast That One did all the cooking while we camped. Fire is, apparently, man work. Although I am going to note that he did allow, nay, encourage, me to make coffee. Which I did. Let me ask you something. How long do you reckon it takes to fry 3 pounds of bacon and 2 dozen eggs on a 9×18 inch griddle surface over a gas grill? Yeah, a really long time. I’m thinking the meal lasted an hour and a half, from the time we served the babies until the two of us finished eating around 11:30. And then? Then, they had the nerve to ask about lunch! We bought them off with a trek to the lake, and had dinner around 5 instead.

New rule: camp means two meals a day, not three.
Bonus: I got to spend Mother’s Day hanging out in a stress free environment with my kids and that boy I like…somewhat.

IMG00176 20100510 0912

May 10 Perpetual Flowers This is a gift from That One, I’m not real sure if he meant it for Mother’s Day or not, or if it was coincidental. When he gave it to me, he said that I always talked about people killing my plants at work, and here were some that wouldn’t die. Awwwwwwwww.