May 21-25 Hmmmmm

Not sure quite what happened here, but I only have 2 pictures on my computer for this time period, and then I pick up on the 26th. I find it hard to believe that I missed three days in a row, so maybe I will find them later. I may have used the camera, but ….who knows. Maybe they will turn up. Oh, the second picture reminded me of something. Not acne, something else.

IMG00206 20100521 1729

May 21 Pwetty Flowies Just about 4pm a truck came in with 24 4×4 flats of flowers. I worked until 8:30 getting those flowers put out, and I thought they were so pretty. Unfortunately, when I got to work the next morning, I discovered that the flowers belonged to the vendor instead of the store, and he was busily tearing down my display and putting it together on the front sidewalk instead.

IMG00212 20100522 2054

May 22 Eeyore pajamas and high heel shoes On this day, I was NOT a happy camper. I wanted to go out and instead of just going, I waited for someone to take me out, even though I knew no one was coming. Because I am silly that way. Anyhow, my cousin challenged me to put on my new shoes even though I was hanging out in my Eeyore pajamas. And so I did. And yes, I felt better. I also decided that it’s perfectly permissible to take my own self out. Alone.

If I find the rest of the pictures from this time, I will post them. If not, well……not.