Well, how am I supposed to top THAT?!?

I tell ya, folks, I am still so pleased with my last post that I feel like anything I write next will be like comparing an outdoor fireplace to a volcano. But the blog must go on, and so, here I am. Before I begin anything, I want to let you know that I am now able to cross something off that list I published yesterday. That is what I really *want* to talk about, but I am so far behind on pictures again, that I feel I really need to do that instead. So,….here we go with May 26-30.

IMG00216 20100526 1220

May 26 Party Time? I have no idea, really. I walked out back to tend the plants at work, and apparently, someone had had a good time in the old garden shop the night before.

IMG00224 20100527 1922

May 27 A Little Clearing I whittled this pile of assorted mail and papers down to about 4 pieces. One thing about getting behind on time sensitive stuff is that you get to throw A LOT of it away when you finally find your round tuit.

IMG00225 20100528 2253

May 28 My Hand This would be the swollen hand that my unsister flicked with her acrylic nails the night she tried to fight me at our respective parent’s home. I guess she hit a nerve, because I couldn’t see a mark, but it was swollen and I couldn’t close it comfortably for a couple of days.

IMG00003 20100529 0939

May 29 Hands I Love No real words needed, right?

IMG00004 20100530 1523

May 30 Oooooh, baby This is the water heater That One ordered for me before he left on the 30th. You would think I would tell you that I was able to take a hot shower, but it was almost a full week before we had reliable hot water. The clerk at the store looked at all the CPVC Micheal was buying to do the installation and then sold him PVC glue to go with it. Grrrr!

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  1. Maybe you could not see a mark when it first happened, but there is definitely a mark in the pic. Right is right and wrong is wrong. If you can’t read what is written and understand it, then get a tutor.

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