June 5-9 Well-hatted with kids

June 5th would be an oops. But I’m not sure why, because the kids were here and I was home, so……who knows. Moving on!

IMG00029 20100606 1153

June 6 New Black HatThis is my new black dress hat. On me. In church. Muhahahahaha! I felt very classy and very tall, since I was also wearing high heels. I musta been 5’8″, at least!

IMG00035 20100607 1358

June 7 One to play in I liked this one, too, and it was on sale, so I bought it. Six bucks and matches half my wardrobe. The blue one like this that I bought a few days later was also six bucks and matches the other half. Yay me!

IMG00047 20100608 1242

June 8 Graduation Day Drama graduated from Kindergarten!!

IMG00051 20100609 1754

June 9 So proud Stuntman started and finished elementary school this year, capturing the highest award given at the school. He’s somethin’, ain’t he?