June 15-17 Mostly about the Musing Mighty Life List

Wow! I can’t believe I’m almost caught up. In fact, I am so caught up that I am only giving you three pictures in this post, but that is also partly because I am so proud of the last one. Not that the picture is so great, but just that it represents something really good for me.

IMG00069 20100615 2356

June 15 The List On the 15th, I wrote my list. I hope I properly conveyed my excitement about it when I posted it, because I am truly, very excited about my life list.

IMG00072 20100616 1404

June 16 Hot, Tired, Pissed It has been very hot here, folks. It has been excruciatingly hot. And on days I work in the garden shop, I am out in that heat for most of the day. I find it interesting that many of the other people who work in that area manage to stay inside. In fact, I had someone say to me the other day that I was lucky because it was so nice and cool back there. Umm, yeah, yeah it is, inside. But I’m not inside, because the plants are outside. It takes me 3-4 hours to water them all properly, and since I work 6.5 hours and get a half hour lunch, that will tell you how much of the airconditioning I get to enjoy.

But that’s not the part that bothers me most. What really aggravates me is that I have to argue every.daggone.day for my lunch break. And one day last week, peeing suddenly became optional. WTH? I am 42 years old, I have given birth eight freaking times, and I don’t even sneeze without crossing my legs, ever!! And you think I can wait 45 minutes to go to the bathroom? Umm, no. It’s gotten to the point that I love my work, and hate my job. The plants and I get along just fine, but……….the rest, not so much.

IMG00077 20100617 1610

June 17 Hydrangea On this day, I did the first thing on my life list, with the exception of the publication. I planted this hydrangea that I’ve had here for a couple or three weeks now. I actually have two of them, but the other one is burned even worse than this one and I am just not sure it’s gonna make it. But people, HYDRANGEA! And it’s time to edit the life list.

Now, then, I want to talk about something else. Do any of you buy gold bullion? I’m thinking about small investments these days, not because I have any money right now, but because I hope to have some eventually. I know it’s pretty, and I know that it’s practically been an object of worship since it was first discovered, but I am actually more interested in it’s staying power and growth potential than it’s beauty.

If I do decide to invest, should I go with coins, which have a currency value, or ingots which do not? The initial investment is higher for coinage, I think, but does that mean I can sell it for more later, or will the ingots be just as valuable down the road? Is it a matter of aesthetics or is the actual weight the bottom line?

Any tips? Experiences you want to share? Cautions? Talk to me, people, I’m listening.