Holy Hot Flash, Batman

So, as I sit here typing, I am in the middle of a hot flash that has been going on for about an hour. That is a very long time for this turkey to cook. I’m figuring it has to stop once I am well done and the juices run clear, right? I should totally grab a Canon camera and take a picture of my red flushed face, but it would be too embarrassing to post. I love peri-menopause. Really. I especially love talking to That One on the phone and having my voice be deeper than his. Feels so lady-like and feminine. 👿 Especially when I am also panting like a pup. 🙄

In other news, I have ordered a copy of The Artist’s Way. I met with my friend last night and we plan to work through it and help hold each other accountable. I’m a little intimidated and a lot excited. And a little perplexed about how in the world I am going to write three pen and paper pages of stuff per day and still write here, too. I’ll figure it out when the book gets here, I guess.

In yet other news, I ordered Fluffer Phone yesterday. I’m expecting it to be delivered tomorrow. I’ll be playing with it this weekend. My inner geek is very happy about that. I’m expecting a list of must-have apps for it from The DJ sometime today, too!

Let’s see….what else? I am sure there was more, but with my brain simmering like this it’s hard to think. Really hard to think.