So, the kids and I went to party on Sunday. I was very glad when an alternative to our …..untradition popped up, because it certainly saved me a lot of explaining of stuff I don’t want my younger kids to have to deal with yet. We had an awesome time. In addition to the hamburgers and hot dogs and fireworks and pool time, there were pigs to be fed. It kinda made me miss my grandparents. Same smell, same …. how do you say? The term that comes to mind is easy-going life-style, but farming is not easy, …. simple rhythm of life, I guess is the best way to put it. A rhythm I want to recapture for myself one day.

Anyway. I did eat enough food to make me think about adipex p, but then I decided against it and had a second helping of Micheal’s mother’s homemade baked beans. They were out of this world delicious!!

And I also saw a thing I want to do in my yard. The neighbors there had a huge fire pit in their yard. They had made it using the ceramic tree ring pieces like we sell at work. I want to make one of those in my backyard, and the materials are cheap enough to make it practical. I’ve been looking at the dinky portable ones that sell for nearly $100 and thinking that would be nice, but this would be bigger and better for about the same money, if not less. And I am actually thinking a lot less. I’m guessing it could be done for less than $50! And so, once I hit publish I am adding it to the life list.

Speaking of life list, it needs financing. I need to figure out a way to stash money just for that. $10 here and there adds up pretty quick, I have discovered.