On Roof Restoration: Shhhh. Do you hear it?

The other night, we had a flash boom banger of a storm. Now, you might think I am getting ready to tell you how scared I was, but this is not the case. I actually love a storm. I feel safe and warm during them, as long as I am inside. I think it goes back to childhood and the sound of rain on the metal roof of our mobile home.

Back in the day, mobiles were called “trailers” and they pretty much were boxes covered in thin metal. Metal walls, metal roof. And when it rained, the sound was tremendous. Not tremendous as in loud, but…….magnificent. From the shupshupshup of a gentle fall to the bangbangbang of a torrent, you could hear exactly how it was precipitating. Today, in my “mobile home”, it’s very different. I have a shingle roof, and I don’t hear the rain at all unless it’s coming down pretty hard, and then it is more like white noise, and not individual pings.

If I ever have to do a roof restoration, and That One assures me that I will before too many more years go by, I am going to look for something that will more closely mimic the sound the rain made back then. Because feeling safe and warm is a good thing, and I like to crawl into my bed and have the rain sing me to sleep. I’m thinking ceramic tile, in a nice cozy red.