What I should be writing

According to my calendar, today is Friday, which is the day I planned to update ya’ll on the progress of my life list. Umm, people, I am tired on Friday. I work outside all day and I get hot. And then I either drop off my kids or pick them up. And on this particular Friday, I wrote the post directly below this one, which was really good for me to write, but also really draining in a way.

Clearly, Friday is not going to work for the life list update. And maybe there isn’t a need for a special weekly post to do that, since I talk about the stuff I do during the week as I post my project 365 stuff. We’ll see. What I do know is that I am shortly going to bed. I was just outside and it it warm enough to sleep on one of those outdoor chaise lounges, but also pretty humid. Inside, it is nice and cool and getting very sleepy.