So, I wrote a very funny thing this morning, but I can’t share it with you, because it involved a lot of profanity. I’m going to tell you that it was directed at Eve, you know, Adam’s wife, and that I am NOT a very happy camper right now. And this sucks and also Guitar Guy is laughing his butt off at me, and it is not funny. It could be worse, I suppose. I could need Mesothelioma treatments, instead of black cohosh. It is physically uncomfortable and I am afraid I am going to get old and ugly. There. I said it out loud. Perhaps we can move on to other things. But I doubt it. And if you see me in Paula’s Health Hut, just be quiet.

Okay, where were we? It seems to me that I need to write several posts here, and post a lot of pictures with them. I’m just a wee bit mentally scattered, though. I don’t really feel like writing today, which is a bit odd for me. Of course, being able to fry an egg on my FACE is also odd. But apparently, it’s not going to be odd for very much longer, because it’s gonna be my new normal. Unless I can figure out some kind of natural help. Wait a minute, how did we get back here? I thought we changed the subject!!

Wow, ok. Midlife Musings, now new and improved with hot flashes and irritability!