Ok. Well, then. Today’s photo.

So, it’s been quite a while since I posted anything here. There are several reasons for that. First, I’ve been busy. I’ve been doing stuff on my life list, I took a quickie trip out of town and also…..I’ve been writing morning pages. I’ve been at them since July 11th and they are now an indispensable tool for me. Three pages, every day, except today I actually did four, because I was hashing something out with myself and wanted to finish it. The morning pages are really helpful for that. If my mind is a series of locked doors, then we can think of the morning pages as the Kwikset keys that help me get them open. Sometimes, there is nothing there but random crap, and sometimes there’s a tiger and sometimes there are really good ideas for blog posts, but I haven’t taken the time to develop any of them any further. Also, I am noticing trying to type this post that it’s probably time to cut my nails again. I’m having a hard time striking the keys!

So, what exactly have I been busy with, besides the life list stuff, which I think will be a post of it’s own? Well, I have set myself up a studio in my living room/entry way. All that space that used to be devoted to doll cabinets has become a place for me to work and play and work at playing. I posted this photo to Facebook today and noted that soon the only thing standing between me and my creativity and celebrating my passions would be me. And as Ang. pointed out, sometimes me is a pretty big obstacle. I’d go so far as to say that it’s usually the only obstacle.

SprintPhoto bdmr22

The good news is that I am working on clearing that obstacle up. And now I have a space. I don’t know what I am going to do in it first, except write this blog post, but I imagine that I will shortly be writing a list of stuff I want to accomplish here. I have a space. I have a space to work and study and play. I have a space in the main section of my house.

Which reminds me, I guess I need to let you know that I am no longer living mostly in my bedroom. I now spend a lot more time OUT of my room. And when I go in there to withdraw, I make note of it, and try not to let myself get sucked back in for too long. It’s become “not the norm”. That’s a good thing.

One final note for this post and then I will wrap it up. The thing I was dealing with this morning in my pages? Apparently, I have abandonment issues. Whoddafrickinthunkit?

4 thoughts on “Ok. Well, then. Today’s photo.

  1. Feeling empowered is a great way to spark your creativity. I find cleaning and setting up my space to be the most useful thing I can do before I “get down to business”. Fitness and exercise also help a lot, especially yoga.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. nice post
    wish you success in trying not to let yourself get back
    your article shows that you can make your life better
    have a good luck

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