So, how’ve you been?

Me, I’ve been busy. As if you haven’t noticed. It seems like a whirlwind has been going on around me since I last posted. And there’s one inside me, too. I’m busy with making plans and goals and figuring out how to accomplish them. Lots of good stuff. I need to share it with you all, if I can get my mind to slow down long enough to post something coherent, LOL. Lots of blogging ideas, too, but don’t stop long enough to flesh those out either. And naturally, a lot of stuff going on that I am not really ready to talk about. I usually have to get things settled internally before I blab about it on the blog, and so…this post is mostly about not posting, because I know it’s been too long since I’ve written when a friend who only visits my blog now and again mentions that I “haven’t mused very much lately”. Hi, you. You know who you are!

Anyway, the year is passing so quickly! At work, the garden shop is winding down and that space will soon be full of Halloween costumes. Hopefully I will spend most of the fall and winter in receiving. When I am working. The pharmacy is cutting back on hours now, and so I won’t be working Saturdays. I was thinking that I will not ask for those hours to be replaced on the floor, but will instead use the extra two days a month to get some dreams fruitioned and some schemes carried out. Cause, yeah, the things I have been planning will take some time and due diligence.

Oops, out of time. Gotta get ready for the eye doctor. Hopefully, I will find time to sit down with you soon and we’ll have a cup of coffee or something.