Announcements, Announcements, A-now-ow-cements!

My friend Joan used to say that every time a kid informed us of an impending trip to the potty. As you know, I have a lot of children, and so it became a very familiar song, LOL! Anyway, I have an announcement to make that has nothing to do with the potty, so listen up.

I. Am. Going. Back. To. School. That’s right. You heard me. Today I shall be filling out forms to request my transcripts, between hot flashes, of course, because it is Thursday and therefore The Day of Flashing, and then I will start filling out the FAFSA and online application to UNC-W.

Now, my cousin, she is also going back to school. We are going to take over the world, she and I. And it won’t be long, so you better watch out. We’re smart and we’re sassy and we are rolling with the punches. She recommended I check out Online Schools, but I decided I want the total school experience, complete with monstrously heavy backpack and walking around campus and homework in the cafeteria between classes. That’s just how I am.

I’m really looking forward to this adventure. I plan to study sociology and psychology. I was talking to my aunt about the prospect of finishing college the weekend we spent at the beach, and she really encouraged me to think long and hard about where I wanted to end up, and not just grab the quickest degree possible. And so I sat down with myself and had a few question and answer sessions, and I came up with an idea or two. And then, out of nowhere, which I suppose I ought to really begin calling GodWhere, there was confirmation.

And then there were openings for flexible schedule free-lance work. And then there were, and then there were, and then there were, and suddenly, paved roads have appeared where a couple of weeks ago there were only grown over wheels ruts of almost paths. And so, I am going back and I am so excited.

I know that I am way behind in posting here, and I don’t know that I will be able to catch up anytime soon. Today, I am supposed to read Chapter 4 of The Artist’s Way and apparently I am supposed to get off the internet and away from books for the week. I wonder how that works if you consider your writing a play activity and the point of the week is to make yourself play? I’ll have to consider that one a bit.

I’ve also come up with more lists. I have a dream list posted in my studio. It’s mostly a list of creative projects that I have been meaning to get to, different from the Life List, which is….yeah, different from that. There is some overlap, but not much. That list, however, is not the one I am counting on to insure my success. No, for that, I am relying on the daily, days off, and weekly lists. If I can talk myself into actually doing the stuff on the lists, I ought to be good to go, ready to begin classes in January. And if not….well, I suppose I will be running even crazier than I am running now.

Ok, end of announcements. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming!