What have we here?

A couple of days ago, I checked the mail and found it to contain this manila envelope. It confused me, because I knew I wasn’t expecting any books, and I certainly hadn’t ordered any dominican republic cigars. What I had ordered, and forgotten about, were bike maps for much of the state! And here they are!

2010 10 17 13.19.58

These are cool, because not only are the trails mapped out, and the points of interest described, but they also have the campgrounds listed about a day’s ride apart. Well, assuming you can ride 40ish miles a day. Hmmm. I’m told by somepeople that’s way too far to go in one day. I’m inclined to think it’s doable with a bit of training. And of course, maybe the trails could be broken down into 20 mile segments if I were inclined to do some planning. Which I just might be. If, of course, I can ever arrange to get my bicycle over here from Mama’s where it is currently parked. I’m totally ready to get started!