Because the present is not enough???

How many of you are worriers like me? I think it’s genetic, cause my mom, she worries about every little thing. Me, I don’t worry about the traditional stuff so much: money, possession, whether or not to take calcium supplements. No, I tend to always be thinking “what happens after this?”.

Like, I’m writing the book, and what am I going to do with it when I am through? Like, I want to get the house clean, and what will I do once it is? It’s like I want to know what my future holds. I want to see tomorrow, today. It frustrates me sometimes to be that way. Am I so concerned about how that story is going to end that I am missing important details along the way? Why can’t I just enjoy the present for what it is? Why isn’t that which is NOW enough?

I advised a friend yesterday to quit letting the past control today. Maybe it would behoove me to turn that advice around and quit letting tomorrow control today for me. Enh, it was free advice and you get what you pay for, I reckon.