When sleep won’t come

the whole night through…. Do you remember that song? That was me last night. The stuffy yet runny nose, the Listerine and shower cap on my head and a generally anxious state of mind combined to keep me up way past my normal bedtime. As a result, I am very tired today. I totally see a nap in my future. But first I have to do a little blogging about cabin furniture.

And if I wasn’t a complete heathen, I would probably wait until my bedding had dried, but…I’m not sure I can hold out that long.

So, my cousin (who gets occasional excerpts from my writing) asked me last night if it bothered me to put all my inner thoughts down on paper. She said it just seemed so “naked”. Well, I explained to her that those weren’t all my inner thoughts, that I got to pick and choose which ones to put down, and so it was okay. But this morning, my 6 year old, who can now read just about anything, walked up to my desk and started reading my list of stuff I plan to write about. “Coffee, hair, sex, bike ride….” Oops. Yeah. That wasn’t so okay. Not because it bothers me for her to be able to read the word sex, or that I mind if she knows my thoughts occasionally wonder in that direction. No, the problem is that the list of stuff I plan to write about is very, very naked. It is in the writing that I dress it and ready it for presentation.

Note to self: Keep your notes hidden, cause they are the naked.