So, it’s written

So, I finished the book I was writing for NaNoWriMo. I hit 50K on the 23rd, I think it was. I write over 6,000 words that day. Even I was impressed. And I also cleaned up and re-organized the kitchen and living room during November. There at the end of the writing, they cleaning and the words were feeding each other. As I used the book to clean my mental house, clearing my physical house became….the next and most logical thing. I truly was not sure which would be done first. It ended up being the writing, but only by a couple of hours. Once again, my physical environment closely resembles my mental state, but this time, they are both mostly tidy, with a few odd bits still needing sorted, mostly in the back corners. I’m ok with that. I’m so ok with that, that I am intensely guarding the progress I have made on both fronts.

Now it’s back to the more mundane stuff of life: school paperwork, organizing the bills and getting them paid, figuring out this year’s managed hosting service, and so on. And work, which didn’t stop during NaNo, but wasn’t quite as bad as it is now. As Christmas approaches, folks are getting testy. Why do we celebrate the birth of the Savior by snarling at complete strangers? One day last week I actually had to tell TWO customers in a row that I could not help them if they continued to scream at me, because it rendered me unable to think coherently. Yeah. Crazy.

Anyway, I’m sorta back. I missed you. But…I was writing to you even while I wasn’t here 😉