So what’s next?

While I was out NaNo’ing I did have some other exciting stuff happen. I get my acceptance letter to UNCW, and also my financial aid notice. I’m in and it’s paid for, basically. That’s exciting news for me, and I am really looking forward to starting classes in January.

I’m also planning some house stuff. I need new floors in the kitchen and living room, and a couple of windows. While I am doing all that, I plan to go ahead and do new counter tops and cabinets for the kitchen. And a new, deeper sink. I don’t know whether I will end up with danze faucets or some other brand, but I do know I will have two separate handles for the hot and cold water. My one handle faucet has gotten itself all twisted up somehow and getting hot or cold is a guessing game each time I use it, and the shut off is also at a different point each time. I am tired of fighting with it.

What else? Typing. I am doing a lot of typing, because I wrote most of the book longhand. I am estimating it will come in around 60K for the first edit and I have a little over 20K in the computer. It took about 90 hours to write the thing, I think, and I calculated 63 to type it. And then there are additional revisions, etc, etc, etc. But I feel really accomplished, because HEY! Write a book was on my list, and i have done it.

Speaking of list(s), I need to update all of mine. But not today. Today, I need to finish blogging, deal with this week’s paperwork and then type some on the book. So exciting a life, right?