Baby, it’s freezing!

I almost, almost, ALMOST said “Baby, it’s cold outside”, but since everyone else has already said that and sang that and chanted that, I thought I would go with something a little different. Not much different, but a little. If you are headed out for work today in nothing but nursing scrubs, I feel sorry for you!

I however, am snugged up in my house with a the laptop and coffee and a head full of ideas for writing. Actually, I have a head full of tornado for writing, and I am trying to get some chores done so I can sit down with pen and paper and figure out what’s in there! And I am wearing sweats, not scrub pants, because, did I mention it is cold?

I am off this week, which is a pleasant surprise, so I am hoping to get a lot of stuff done. This past week I worked full time, and was in bed before 10 every night. Consequently, there was zero creative effort and minimal housework. I made good strides in the house arena over the weekend, but I am really feeling the itch to do something a little more left brain today. I’m in my favorite mood: high energy, high focus. Now, I just have to pin something down. But I think I said that.

Maybe a short story, about a girl looking for where to buy cheap scrubs and changing her mind and going with animal fur because it’s flipping freezing! And PETA could find out and go crazy and there would be lots of cute baby seal pictures and so on and so forth. Err, maybe not. I’ll get more coffee and think a bit more, k?