Well, this screen is different

And by that, I mean my admin screen just looks real weird today. Maybe because it’s not fully loading, because I have two computers downloading data as fast as they possibly can, and my bandwidth is if full use? Yeah, that could be it. Yes, I got the new hard drive and I am busily filling it with tunage.

So, how are things with you? It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I just haven’t been able to get back in the swing of blogging since the NaNo, but I’ve missed it.

I’m gearing up for back to school. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. And having to register last has thrown me some serious curve balls as far as getting the classes I need. Next semester, I get to register first, and should be able to get what I need. And I am crossing my fingers that a slot will open for the biology I need this time, but I doubt it.

In other news, I am doing what I usually do this time of year: goal setting. I really want to work on my life list stuff in 2011, and the only way to do that is to PLAN to do it, ykwim? So, I’m looking at that. And I am looking at where I want to go with my writing, and my knitting and all that other stuff that I love to do. And I am looking at making time for friends that I have lost touch with in the past couple of months. About the only thing I am not debating is whether or not to wear nursing scrubs 24/7. But I am entertaining then as a pajama possibility.

And I am trying to get out there. I have managed to keep the house up since I cleaned it, and I now spend most of my time out in the main area, but…I still prefer home to out. I guess I will always be that way, but I’m pretty sure my time for hermitage is pretty far off. I’m kinda committed to school for 5-6 years or so, and then I will be working, and out there meeting new people is going to be my way of life for quite some time. It’s not scary, but it’s uncomfortable. The thing is, the more comfortable I make the house, the more I like it. I feel like I am not making a bit of sense in the world here, LOL. Which mean I probably am not. Maybe I should just remind myself that every time I go out and do a new thing I enjoy myself and learn something. And so while being home is comfortable, being out is exciting. I like exciting, but I sure wish it happened here, LOL! I don’t have to expend so much mental and emotional energy here. And also, I can wear pajamas and drink coffee all day.

Anyway, school. If I get the schedule I settled on yesterday, I’ll be going three days a week and I will have breaks between each class for homework and such. I’ll leave after the kids get on the bus and be home before they get back from school. If, if, if. Lord help me, I am rambling. I told you I was out of the blogging groove, right? Heh, I meant it.

I’ve met some new and interesting people lately, and I apply the term “met” loosely, since I have only chatted with them online. Apparently, when a 43 year old woman puts a profile up on a dating site, all the young boys come running. Not that I dislike young boys, but they do tend to think I must be desperate for sex. Umm, no. I just want dinner and conversation. We can go dutch, even, because at the end of the night, we will both still be wearing our pants. Even if you swear your wankie is 9 inches long.

Hmmm, trying to think if there’s anything else I am burning to tell ya’ll, and I can’t think of a thing. I guess that means I am done.

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