Well, wow.

So, I had my first day of classes. And that was a little mind blowing. And then my car would not start so I missed the second day of classes and tried to do homework instead. That was also a little mind blowing. I had forgotten just how much *boring* reading is involved in the pursuit of higher education.

I clearly will not be needing to price shop Lightweight Backpacking Tents until at least mid-May, because I am going to be pretty much chained to my desk, which is not the right height and therefore gives me a backache. Whine, whine, whine.

I did, however, buy a new backpack, because my old one was full and I don’t even have all my books yet. It has not given me a backache. So far, anyway.

Today, I am blogging and filling in my calendar for the next few months. You?