Driving me Crazy, the short list

First, the uh, thingie in the toilet that tells the tank it needs to fill…the float? It gets stuck in the full position, and I have to jiggle it every third time we flush. We flush a lot. The tank cover has now been sitting in the bathroom floor for a couple of months. It’s a very small bathroom and I am sick of seeing the tank cover every time I go pee. I am a sittee, not a standee, and we do not have to look at the tank cover.

Second, my car is sitting in the driveway, useless, because the starter is in the trunk. I can’t go anywhere. Not that I actually *want* to go anywhere today, that is not the point. The point is that I can’t.

Third, the NaNo manuscript. Will the typing never end? Yes, it will. Three pages a day will see that little chore taken care of by months end.

Fourth, the kitchen sink. The unilever lever is malfunctioning. Turning off the water has become a sport, a game pitting the wit of the plumbing against the determination of the user. It shall be replaced by a two faucet system shortly, if I have to do it myself, which I plan to try to avoid with pleading eyes and a winsome smile. I will go with a decent set, preferably high rise, but I am not planning to lay out for Moen kitchen faucets. That would be too much gild on the lily, given the rest of my kitchen.

Fifth, I want to write again. I realized this morning that I miss the intensity of NaNo. The pressure to produce, produce, produce was actually a freedom to sit and concentrate on doing what I love. I plan to give myself permission to spend most of this weekend just writing. As soon as I finish my homework.

Sixth, oh wait, I said the short list. Never mind.