Tentatively Hopeful

I am not quite ready to break out the macanudo cigars yet, but I am tentatively hopeful about My Awesome Boyfriend. His white blood cell count is good, he is quiet but alert, and “certainly still in the game.” That is, he isn’t any worse, and every day he makes it increases the likelihood that he will make it. With parvo, it is usually dehydration and secondary infection that does a dog in, and not the virus itself. With those issues taken care of, it becomes a waiting game.

I have pooper scooped the yard this morning, and today I will bleach the house. It needed/needs to be done anyway, but I mind it less if I think about it as getting ready for him to come home.

Very soon, I hope to be writing stuff about how we went fishing and camping and played with toys. I’m looking into puppy obedience classes and such, and making a list of doggie supplies that I need to buy or replace. I better start with a collar and leash, because I threw that and his harness away after the nurse said “be sure and wash that real well.” I figured that it was better not to take the risk that another dog might one day be infected because I wanted to save a few bucks on new gear.

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