So, I went to see My Awesome Boyfriend today. He looked at me and accepted a few pets. The he walked about 18 inches away, turned his back on me and laid down. I’m not sure if he’s angry with me for “leaving” him, or simply ready to die and be done with it. I’m hoping it’s anger, because that’s a powerful emotion, and maybe it will make him hang on. I didn’t let it stop me, in any case. I just moved over to where he was and petted and talked to him some more. He was alert to the sounds in the hallway, and he looked at me a few more times, but his wag is just gone. It’s sad.

By the way, have you ever been out for a walk in the woods and come across some rotten meat? Maybe on a hot day? With maggots all over it? That’s how my dog smells right now. And that’s how my hands smell, even though I have washed them about five times since I touched him.

Who says I can’t still paint an awesome word picture?