Let the List Making Begin

So, I am making lists. What to teach the dog, what to buy the dog, what to clean, what to make, where to go, who to see, what to read, what to watch. Now that summer session is over, I plan to get busy! Especially while my kids are gone. Yes, believe it or not, for the first time in 20plus years, I am going to have several days completely alone, to do whatever I want to do. Well, except for the dog. But he’s simple to feed, he likes to go, and he doesn’t complain much, so it’s all good.

Today, I am specifically looking at dog obedience training websites. I plan to work with My Awesome Boyfriend extensively while there is only one “trainer” in the house. Hopefully, by the end of his confinement, we will be working well together as a team, and I will be able to take him just about anywhere. He gets his first shots next Monday, and the Monday after that, he can go out where other dogs might have been. In this case, freedom for him also means freedom for ME!

One thought on “Let the List Making Begin

  1. I call it “Sanity Time”, time to just get away and do my own thing. Life sometimes tends to consume us, we can’t find those few minutes to get motivated for things we know are important to us.

    We have to step back and make that time, and do what we want to for US, not for everyone else.

    Enjoy your alone time! You definitely deserve it.

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