So hey!

I’ve been busy! I updated my Mighty Musings Life List today, and I was surprised by the amount of stuff I have done. Pleased even!

My Awesome Boyfriend is definitely on the rebound, and he is keeping me hopping. The past couple of nights, he has decided to bark for a couple of hours after I crate him for the night. This is not fun for me, so Operation Puppy Exhaustion is underway around here. I might have over done it a bit this morning: when I brought him in from our walk, he was too tired to lick peanut butter off a fork. I laughed so hard I nearly needed incontinence products. I assure you, he kept up and acted like he wanted to go further while we were outside!

In other news, my yard looks disgusting and I can’t keep the lawnmower running. Blech.

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