Introducing Carrick

So, long ago and far away, I was sent a copy of Tweed to review. And I did review it over on Cass Knits! And I started a sweater called Carrick out of it. I knitted the back and I knitted the front. And then I got sidetracked, as usual, and sat Carrick aside. When I picked it back up, a year or so later, I discovered that I had misplaced the book. So, last spring, I ordered another copy. It’s been sitting on my shelf since then. And today, finally, I started the first sleeve of Carrick.

Now, the pattern says to knit the two sleeves flat and then sew them up, then sew them into the sweater and then sew the sweater side seams. Un-uh. Way to tedious! I picked up stitches and am knitting these sleeves in the round. When I am done, I will only have to sew shoulder and side seams.

By the way, since this is a knitting post, I suppose I will share my knitting goals for 2012. I want to finish Carrick, I want to finish the Suzie Hoodie I started last year, and I want to finish Hocks which I started when Drama was 2-ish. And I think that’s actually all I have in progress right now, at least knitting wise. Which is not quite the same as saying I have nothing else on the fire, right? You know me better than that, I am sure. For those of you that don’t….about the only thing I don’t have in the fire right now is applications for Audiologist Jobs.