And we’re off!

So, classes started. The busy began. And I thought I had a ton of stuff to tell you about until I sat down to actually say something. Ummm, let’s see. I read a book, Raising a Large Family. That would be number 42. And I watched the entire first season of “White Collar”. And I have spent the past 3 days finishing up lab hours from last semester (6 more to go) and reading Cosmo. I read four issues yesterday, the oldest of which was dated December 2009. Yeah, I am a little behind in the rest and relaxation department.

Today, I plan to work on homework and go to the optometrist. I am pretty sure I will end up with bifocals. He tried to get me in them 18 months ago, but I opted for 2 pair of glasses instead. It worked, since I see in the middle distance just fine, and my main problem is astigmatism, so I can read without my glasses, it’s just clearer with them. What I can’t do is read PowerPoints from the back of the classroom, which is where I am sitting for several classes this semester. But I can’t read up close with my distance lenses, and I am tired of trying to see over/under/around my glasses to take notes. Harumph! Extended wear contacts maybe?

In other news, which is really the same sort of news, I am excited about my classes. This semester I have Creative Non-Fiction, Intro to Sociology (hello, history meets psychology which is, for me, the mental equivalent of chocolate meeting peanut butter, leading to mental orgasm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am), Social Welfare Policy, Intro to Social Work, and Culture of the Military: War and Its Consequences. I am starting my official BSW sequence in the fall, so this semester I am taking the pre-requisites and other requirements.

Alrighty then, that about wraps it up. I should be back tomorrow with a book review.