I got nothin!

Well, that’s not quite true. I have a weather report. Last week, it was so warm, was shopping for personalized golf gifts. This week, I am thinking about wearing my new veryveryvery long scarf. And carrying an umbrella, because I am pretty sure it has rained for at least some portion of the day for the past week.

I am back in the thrall of school. That always means plenty of homework, but this semester has started a bit oddly. Classes started on Wednesday the 11th. The 16th was a holiday. This means that one of my classes meets for the first time tomorrow, even though we are technically 2 weeks into the semester. I wonder how that will play out as far as the workload? The class only meets once a week, but for three hours at a whack. Of course, it is a subject I am very interested in (Military Culture/ Combat Veterans), so I have done a bit of pre-reading.

Tomorrow is also the first meeting of my honor societies, so it will be a very long day. I should probably go to bed soon, but I am not tired. Now what?

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  1. Have you considered resurrecting Self Portrait Sunday? Would give you something to write about at least once and week. Not to mention it would give ME something to write about once a week.

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